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VELA Tango 100ES

The VELA Tango 100ES is an activity chair for disabled children with electric height adjustment – perfect for children and young people with special needs. The electric height adjustment helps the child to get into and out of the chair makes it possible to vary the seat height for different activities.

The VELA Tango 100ES supports activities and learning at school and at home:

  • Stepless, electric height adjustment of the seat provides gentle and safe adjustment for children with reduced function in the legs, back and lower back, e.g. sufferers of muscular dystrophy, dwarfism, juvenile arthritis or CP
  • The central brake and electric height adjustment enable the child to get into and out of the chair at low heights on their own, even in the case of impaired muscular function or dwarfism
  • Has an E seat as standard (comes in four sizes) and an E backrest (comes in several sizes and versions)

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VELA Tango 100S, 100ES
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VELA Tango 100ES
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VELA Tango 100S, 100ES
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VELA Tango 100ES is an activity and school chair intended for children and teenagers.

This chair support inclusion, meaning children with special needs can remain in mainstream education and be taught alongside their classmates. The special needs chair is ideal for the classroom. VELA Tango 100ES has a unique braking system and electric height adjustment, which offers the child a stable seat at the right height and creates the best possible conditions for social interaction and learning.

VELA Tango 100ES with electric height adjustment is ideal for children with walking difficulties or balance problems. The chair provides safety and stability, and the child can easily adjust the chair to the required sitting height. This is a particularly useful feature for children and teenagers with cerebral palsy, muscular atrophy, arthritis or other problems affecting the musculoskeletal system.

The central brake ensures the safety and is a good way of directing the child’s attention during a particular task, e.g. with additional support from a shaped seat and supporting armrests. This helps the child to stay focused, for instance, if the child is restless and easily distracted. VELA Tango 100ES has four directionally stable, smooth-running castors, enabling the chair to manoeuvre easily and to be used as a “walking” aid between classrooms, for example.

The armrests provide stability as well as support when sitting down and standing up, for example, if the child has mobility or balance problems. The option to adjust the seat height, depth and tilt, as well as the backrest and armrests, helps to ensure a good ergonomic sitting position for maximum comfort and support.

The chair has an electric height adjustment function, meaning the child is able to adjust the height themselves, e.g. during activities or when getting into or out of the chair.


Electric height adjustment

helps with sitting down and standing up and provides a good sitting position that encourages activity and participation.

Different seats and backs

enable the chair to be adapted to the needs of the child, such as reducing movement in the case of children with concentration or learning difficulties.

A stable base and a central brake

provide additional safety, support and security, for example during activities in school or at home or when the child wishes to stand up.

The chair can “grow” with the child

as the seat and backrest can easily be replaced with other sizes.

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Standard upholstery on the chair: Mionetta satch

Mionetta is a microfiber textile from Scancoll in 100% Polyester. Its wear resistance is 35,000 Martindale. It has an excellent resistance to wear and is water repellent. We only use this textile for our children’s chairs.

It must be cleaned lightly with a clean, moist cloth without soap.

The textile comes in two colours.

We offer multiple types of upholstery – see our selection here

Colour sample of upholstery; Mionetta 2000 - Black Black – 2000
Colour sample of upholstery; Mionetta 2015 - Blue Blue – 2015


All VELA chairs can be ordered with a large selection of accessories and special solutions, enabling the chair to be adapted to the needs of the child or teenager, e.g. thigh supports, body supports and stabilising harness and ankle straps. VELA can also offer individual solutions within padding, comfort, support, handles and electric

VELA has a wide range of seating systems that can be customised as bespoke solutions. These can be adapted with cutouts in the cushion or by modifying the seat or backrest with wedges or inserts.

All VELA chairs are CE-marked and comply with applicable standards.

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