World novelty – VELA chair for users up to 300 kg

As the first in the world, VELA is launching a chair with electrical high/low function for a 300 kg maximum weight load.

VELA Tango 310E - chair for people living with obesity

People with severe obesity now have the opportunity to maintain activity levels and be self-reliant and independent with the help of a chair.

VELA Tango 310E chair is extremely robust, and the unique braking system ensures that the user has a stable base when the chair is braked and will be able to push/walk the mobility chair around the home, while sitting down, when it is not braked.

Severely obese people now have a unique opportunity for safety, stability, and activity in everyday life. People up to 300 kg can maintain/regain the ability to be self-reliant and independent in daily activities at home. The user can thereby sit down and cook, do the laundry, or perform light cleaning safely and stably because the chair provides safety and stability. The chair is also good for rehabilitation and training.

Focusing on comfort

The chair’s seat and back are designed in strong and durable foam with high load-bearing capacity so that it withstands a high weight impact and provides a comfortable sitting position. The seat width is 72 cm, and a short seat depth means that the thighs are not squeezed. The backrest is designed so that it provides comfort and good support in both the pelvis and lower back, and can be adjusted so that there is room for the behind.

Presentation of the VELA Tango 310E

Safe when getting up and sitting down

When the weight reaches between 200 and 300 kg, it becomes difficult to get up standing on your own. This we have solved with an electric height adjustment, that helps the user to stand up. The electric height adjustment also ensures that you sit down safely and calmly into the chair and that the seat height is easily adjusted to various activities.

With the VELA Tango 310E, severely obese people are, to a greater extent, given the opportunity to manage everyday life themselves and become mobile at home. At the same time, both hands are free for different tasks – safely and stably.

More about VELA Tango 310E

VELA Tango 310E: 

Robust chair approved for 300 kg maximum weight load – CE marked

Electric height adjustment helps to stand up.

Seat cushion: 72 cm wide and 50 cm deep

Wheel brake provides stability and safety during activities

Ergonomic support and good seating comfort over many hours

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