Sedentary work

Being able to carry out daily chores at home independently, without relying on help from others, gives most people quality of life and a meaningful existence. Chores such as ironing, vacuum cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry require good balance and stamina, which are not a matter of course for everyone.

Elderly person vacuuming in the VELA Chair

Finding the right chair

People with reduced standing and walking balance and muscle weakness in the legs may benefit from sitting down while they fill and empty the washing machine, hang up laundry on a low rack, vacuum clean and iron. For ironing, the ironing board is adjusted to a low height so the user can achieve a good work posture.

Sitting down makes vacuum cleaning etc. less strenuous, and reduces the risk of falling.

VELA has many years of experience of finding just the right chair, so people with disabilities can maintain their activity level in the home and remain as independent as possible.

VELA has several types of customised chairs with seats and backs in different sizes, so it is possible for the user to achieve a comfortable, active and ergonomic work posture.

VELA Tango chairs can be adjusted to several heights, depending on the height of the user. It is therefore possible for almost all users to find a chair that suits their height.

The height of the seat can be adjusted using either the gas spring or electrically if the user does not have the strength in their legs or good enough balance to get up to raise and lower the seat.

The seat and back of the chair can be adjusted so the user can achieve a good, active, ergonomic work posture. It is also easy to “walk” the mobility chair forward while sitting in it, so the user can move around easily

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