Discontinued model Item no. 9292

VELA Blues 300 (RWD & FWD)

The VELA Blues 300 supports an active and independent lifestyle, in which accessibility is key. Many everyday activities and challenges are made easier, since the seat can rotate and be locked at 90° and 180°, e.g. when working in narrow kitchens

The VELA Blues 300 is a compact chair that is well suited to combined indoor and outdoor use:

  • Combined front wheel and rear wheel drive make it possible for the user to adapt their driving style to the surface and surroundings
  • The swivel seat is practical for everyday chores in places with little space – for example users can position themselves really close to the kitchen table or easily move to a chair or car seat
  • Has an SW seat as standard (B:45xD:50 cm) and a SW backrest (B:45xH:50 cm)

Discontinued model

VELA Blues 300 (RWD & FWD) has been discontinued. If you own this product and you need service or assistance, please contact us on +45 9634 7600

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VELA Blues 300 is a compact chair that is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. The chair supports an active and independent lifestyle where accessibility is key

The user is facilitated in many of the everyday tasks and challenges, as the seat can be rotated and locked at 90° and 180°, e.g. working in narrow kitchens or transfer from power chair to a vehicle seat.


The seat unit on VELA Blues 300 can be rotated and locked at 90° and 180°. It is easily operated via a lever on the side of the chair. The user will experience being able to get closer to e.g. tables, and thereby be able to participate more in activities and work in e.g. a kitchen.

The chair’s electrical seat adjustment, and optional electric tilt and angulation of the seat back, allows the user a good resting position and the possibility to vary the sitting posture during the day. The adjustable armrests also promotes the user’s ability to change position.

VELA Blues 300 is, as standard, equipped with Comfort seat and back, ensuring good ergonomic support and comfort to a sedentary workday. The seat and back are easy to change according to the user’s needs, for example, change of body weight or change of physical abilities.

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