Discontinued model Item no. 9291

VELA Blues 210 (MWD)

The VELA Blues 210 is suitable for users with an active lifestyle, e.g. work, school or training course. The chair has mid-wheel drive and is well suited to combined indoor and outdoor use, with suspension that provides comfort and good driveability in uneven terrain.

The VELA Blues 210 is a compact, all-round, electric wheelchair suitable for most people’s needs:

  • Articulated frame and full suspension on the driving wheel and flywheel are an advantage if the user suffers pain, e.g. due to a bad back or osteoporosis
  • Electric seat hoist, electric tilting and the option of angling the back provide the optimum conditions for varying your sitting posture throughout the day
  • Has an SW seat as standard (B:45xD:50 cm) and an SW backrest (B:45xH:50 cm)

Discontinued model

VELA Blues 210 (MWD) has been discontinued. If you own this product and you need service or assistance, please contact us on +45 9634 7600

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VELA Blues 210 is a compact, all-round electrical power chair that meets most requirements – particularly if the user has an active lifestyle because of work, school or education.

It is well suited for combined indoor and outdoor use because its suspension ensures comfort and good driveability on even terrain. The chair has centre drive, which means it is very advantageous in places where there is a minimum of room.


The chair features an electrically adjustable seat height and seat tilt with the opportunity to tilt the backrest to provide the user with optimum conditions for a comfortable resting posture and with the ability to vary sitting posture during the day.

In order to ease the user’s ability to get into and out of the chair, VELA Blues 210 has armrests that can be height-adjusted and foot support that can be folded. The adjustable armrests also help the user vary the sitting position.

The VELA Blues 210 is fitted as standard with a Comfort I seat and a back that ensure ergonomic support and comfort on a workday where the user sits down most of the time. The seat and the back are easy to replace if the user’s needs change. This may be if the user’s body weight or functional level changes.