Discontinued model Item no. 9205 (FWD) / 9200 (RWD)

VELA Blues 100 (RWD/FWD)

The VELA Blues 100 is an advantage in the home, at school and in the workplace, as it is compact and very manoeuvrable. The VELA Blues 100 allows the user to work at a desk, participate in kitchen activities and get around easily inside.

The VELA Blues 100 is the ideal electric wheelchair for indoor use:

  • Compact and manoeuvrable indoor chair which it is easy to get into and out of
  • Compact electric wheelchair with seat hoist – perfect as an extra chair or a customised chair for active users with disabilities
  • Has a Y seat as standard (W:44xL:44 cm) and a Y backrest (W:37xH:30 cm)

Discontinued model

VELA Blues 100 (RWD/FWD) has been discontinued. If you own this product and you need service or assistance, please contact us on +45 9634 7600

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VELA Blues 100 is the ideal chair for indoor use. It is truly practical and advantageous in the home, the school or the workplace because it is compact and very manoeuvrable.

VELA Blues 100 allows the user to work at a desk, engage in kitchen activities and move around easily. This small electrical wheelchair is perfect as an extra chair or as a work or school chair for the active disabled user.


VELA Blues 100 makes it easy for the user to move around her workplace or in the home. The chair’s seat height can be adjusted electrically, which increases the user’s independence – for instance when it comes to activities in the kitchen, at school or in the workplace.

VELA Blues 100 has adjustable armrests, footrests that can swivel to make it easy to move to and from the electrical chair. Electrical tilt is also an option. The chair is fairly neutral to look at, which means the visual focus is on the user instead of the chair.

VELA Blues 100 with Comfort I seat and back is an advantage to users who need extra support and comfort. This chair comes with electrical tilt and electrical adjustment of the back, which facilitates an ergonomically favourable sitting posture – not to mention added comfort.

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