Vermund Larsen A/S acquires Meyland-smith A/S

Vermund Larsen A/S (VELA) and Meyland-Smith A/S – two of the oldest companies in the industry for assistive devices and welfare technology – now becomes one. VELA takes over all the shares in Meyland-smith.

VELA takes over Meyland-smith

With the acquisition of Meyland-smith, VELA strengthens its position in the international market for assistive devices and welfare technology by being able to offer a broader product range with well-known quality brands as well as a strengthened production in Denmark. Both companies see great advantages in being able to meet customers as a single team:

Our products fit together and strengthen our position in the market. The common denominator for our two companies is mobility, activity, and independence for users, who are primarily people with disabilities. VELA is especially known for the work chair and good ergonomics and Meyland-smith for walkers and other mobility aids – it’s a perfect match, says Per Buus, CEO from VELA.
Meyland-smith’s products need to be part of a larger organization with stronger sales and marketing skills. We believe that this initiative alllows Meyland-smith’s product range to take off in both the domestic and export markets, and we look forward to the new opportunities”, says Jan Sahlertz, Sales Director of Meyland-smith.

The acquisition also supports the two companies’ focus on retaining and developing Danish workplaces, as both competences and production facilities in the cities of Hjørring and Aalborg complement each other really well.

Together we get a stronger and more solid company, and with production facilities in both Aalborg and Hjørring, we can maintain and develop Danish jobs in relation to the growing demand for our products. In addition, the two facilities have different core competencies, and now we can get optimal utilization of space, production, and assembly, says Per Buus.

Over the past several years, VELA has expanded greatly. The acquisition of Meyland-Smith is part of the continued growth, supported by the increasing need for assistive devices and welfare technology, based on the demographic developments in society.

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