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VELA Salsa 110

VELA Salsa 110 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat with raised lip at the front, so the user avoids the feeling of sliding down the seat when it is tilted forward.

VELA Salsa 110 is particularly good for:

  • People who have the feeling they are sliding down the seat, since the raised lip prevents this.
  • Activities that require standing, where support and stability are needed
  • People with arthritis or walking difficulties etc. who need extra support and stability
  • Has a seat with raised lip as standard (B:46xL:35 cm) and an Ergo backrest (B:38xL:22 cm).

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VELA Salsa is a series of sit-stand chairs with a central brake. The chair promotes the user’s independence at different activities, because of a safe, high workplace.

VELA Salsa sit-stand chairs promote good ergonomics and are perfect as a second chair throughout a varying work day with sitting and standing tasks at home and at the workplace.

VELA Salsa provides extra safety and stability for the user. A tilted seat supports a healthy posture with an open hip angle and free movement of shoulders and arms e.g. when doing kitchen tasks and working up high.

Stable armrests and a central brake secure safety while getting up and sitting down in the chair. This is an advantage for users with mobility and balance problems. Brake and armrests also provide support when changing the sitting position.

VELA Salsa chairs allow an extra-low sitting height, e.g. for the user to help children get dressed. The chair also comes in a high version, which is optimal when the user is ironing, cooking or placing dishes in the cupboard.

Adjustment of the seat height, depth and tilt plus backrests and armrests ensures the best conditions for an ergonomic sitting position. This provides support and stability for many activities.

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