Comfort II

Comfort II-seat and -backrest with larger side ridges.

Comfortable support with side ridges

Our SW-seat and -backrest has got a competitor. The new Comfort II-seat and -backrest has built-in body supports in the form of large and comfortable side ridges. The seat and backrest are designed to provide additional support around the body and stabilize the seating surface. VELA have experience that these body supports can support the body's posture sufficiently so that it is often not necessary to use external body supports.

Comfort II-seat and -backrest fits both the VELA Blues series and the YOU-Q chairs. Comfort II is for example a great benefit to people who find it difficult to without support a whole day, as side ridges in the back provides good support to stabilize the body, such as for people with cerebral palsy or paralysis.

Comfort II 528x185

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