Get a wheelchair alternative for the elderly with a VELA chair

People with disabilities can significantly benefit from aids to make everyday life easier. Aids can come in many forms with a wide variety of uses – and there is no clear answer as to which aid is best for you. 

If you think you may need a manual wheelchair, you should consider whether a VELA chair might be for you.

A great alternative to a manual wheelchair - VELA chair with electric seat lift

Active life with a VELA chair

Below, we discuss what a VELA chair as a wheelchair alternative for the elderly can contribute to an everyday life characterised by physical challenges such as a lack of strength or balance problems.

Different aids can easily complement each other throughout the day, but if you want an active life despite a disability, your aid must also support your activities. 

It should support you in your needs and provide security and stability, whether you are cooking, ironing, cleaning or having friends over for afternoon coffee.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Disability chairs for home

A wheelchair alternative for the elderly provides safety above all else

When moving around in a manual wheelchair, it is easiest to use your hands to push yourself forward, as the wheelchair often has large wheels. This means you never have your hands free when you are moving around.

VELA mobility chairs can be “walked” or pushed around with your legs while sitting down. The wheels are also smaller but roll easily, making them easy to move around. This is a great advantage because both hands are free to carry a glass of water from the kitchen sink over to the dining table, help with the table setting or something else. 

When you “walk” your VELA chair around for various activities, you can easily lock the wheels via a brake lever so that the chair is secure. You cannot do this in the same way with a manual wheelchair, as they often need to be locked on both wheels separately before they are safe.

Adjust the height according to your needs

A manual wheelchair is typically a more “passive” aid than a VELA chair, as a VELA chair supports your activities in everyday life. For example, you can adjust the seat height of a VELA chair using the electric lift

This means that with the touch of a button, you can get down to empty the dishwasher or get up high to put things away in cupboards – all while sitting safely and securely in your chair. Manual wheelchairs typically have a fixed seat height that cannot be raised or lowered.

VELA chairs also let you find the optimal seat height. While it can be helpful to adjust this to the length of your legs, it can also be advantageous to change the seat height to suit the table you are sitting at or the task you are performing. 

In addition, the electric lift can be a great help when standing up, or if you need to move between a chair and a bed.

What is a good sitting position for the elderly?

A manual wheelchair often has a flat or slightly rear-angle seat that ensures you remain seated and slightly reclined. This is comfortable when you are relaxing or being pushed around by others. 

When you eat or perform specific tasks, it is better to have a slightly forward-angled seat. This helps you sit up straight, so you are ready to do things.

A VELA office chair with brake and electric lift can offer you the best of both worlds when it comes to posture, as the seat can be both rear- and forward-angled. This means that you can decide when you want to sit one way and when you want to sit the other way.

The “active” sitting position is also beneficial at meals because the upright position reduces the risk of choking on food or improper swallowing. In addition, it is comfortable to sit in an active position when you are at a table performing a task.

Whether you should choose a manual wheelchair or a VELA chair depends on your needs and daily challenges.

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Achieve a good posture at work with a VELA chair

VELA chairs are made to help and support people with disabilities in their daily activities – in a safe, secure and comfortable way. 

The VELA chair is available with different backrests and seat cushions to suit you. VELA chairs are easy to adjust and manoeuvre around and can help you maintain or regain independence in your everyday life.

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