VR training – rehabilitation of the future

VR training (Virtual Reality) is relatively new in rehabilitation and activity for people with disabilities. VR training provides a high degree of empathy, as the user is challenged on both mental and physical ability, but in a protected environment.

VR in a VELA chair - virtual reality chair

Safety and security are essential for the user and therapist when working in VR, as training is in a “parallel” world. A VELA chair is very stable with a central brake and a small backrest for optimal movement for the shoulders, arms, upper and lower body.

Since the user cannot see the room while training in VR, it is necessary that the user can move around and that the therapist can safely correct the user. The VELA chair offers this flexibility with castors and a central brake.

VR can be used for all types of physical rehabilitation, general activity training and pain relief.

Why a chair for VR?

The user may experience slight dizziness when using VR – this may cause spatial and balance disturbances.

In training with VR, you can “forget” the real world, such as tables, carpets, and other people – therefore, you need limitation.

When using VR, the user may require extra support to concentrate during training. E.g. supportive armrests and backrest provide additional security.


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