When designing an office workplace, it is important to take into account the adjustment potential of the office chairs and the work surface. At the same time, it is important to be aware of how you position yourself in relation to your tasks in order to avoid having to reach long distances or working in awkward positions.

Variation and movement are the key to good work postures:

  • Change sitting position by changing the settings of the chair during the course of the day.
  • Move the chair so you are sitting close to your work to avoid sitting with your back and neck bent.
  • Change between sitting on a chair with a backrest and, for example, a stool without a backrest to get variation and movement.
  • Use your height-adjustable table so that you can stand now and then.
  • Make use of the chair's settings throughout the day to vary your sitting position.

Finding the right chair

VELA has a wide range of office chairs and stools, with optional accessories such as back or armrests, so that the chair meets the individual user’s needs.


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To vary your sitting position as much as possible during the course of the day, we recommend switching between an office chair and a stool – preferably stools with different seats. Always remember to change the height of the table so it suits the height of the chair.

We recommend the following chairs for the workplace:

VELA Latin 100

The VELA Latin 100 is an ergonomic, padded office chair with low backrest, which provides good lumbar support and free movement of the back, shoulders and arms

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VELA Samba 100

VELA Samba 100 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat with tilt, which supports and stabilises the user during standing work

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VELA Samba 150

The VELA Samba 150 is an ergonomic and comfortable office chair with an extra shallow seat with a heavily padded, rounded front edge for better blood circulation in the legs. The chair allows the user to get close up to their work.

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VELA Samba 400

The VELA Samba 400 with saddle seat provides good ergonomics. The design of the seat promotes a natural curve in the back and an open, active hip angle

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VELA Samba 410

The VELA Samba 410 activates the lumbar region and back thanks to the dynamic seat, and trains the back, lower back and abdomen

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VELA Samba 500

VELA Samba 500 is an extra well-cushioned, classic stool, providing excellent sitting comfort

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