Standing work

Quality of life for people with disabilities may be linked to being able to do a job, e.g. with reduced hours or a flexijob. Quality of life can also mean being able to perform everyday activities independently.

Standing work, either in the workplace or at home, can be very challenging for people with disabilities due to pain, reduced strength in the legs or poor balance. For this reason, it is important to find alleviating work postures so that you will be able to carry out your tasks as well as possible. 

Therefore, it is important to look at the type of tasks to be performed, the nature of the work environment and the specific disability. For example, does the workplace require switching between standing and sitting work postures or is it a workplace with standing work only?

Finding the right chair

VELA has many years of experience of finding just the right chair so that people with disabilities can continue to work – even when the work primarily involves standing. VELA has a wide range of sit-stand chairs which can be adapted to the individual user’s needs. When using a chair for standing work – at the workplace or in the home – it is important to consider whether the chair needs a brake. A brake on a chair is an advantage for users with poor balance, for example.

If the user has to work somewhere where there is not much space, it can be beneficial to choose a small underframe and, at the same time, consider the type of wheels on the underframe.

standing work wide

Sit-stand chairs can be height-adjusted using a gas spring or electrically (VELA Tango El sit-stand chair). This means the chair can be adapted to a number of different users. In addition, height adjustment can be used to ensure good ergonomics at varying work heights. 

You should also take account of whether the user requires armrests, which can provide relief for the arms and make it easier to get into and out of the chair.

The seat, back and armrests can be adjusted so that the user can achieve a good, active, ergonomic work posture, and be able to carry out their tasks.

We recommend the following chairs for standing work:

VELA Salsa 100

VELA Salsa 100 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat with tilt, which supports and stabilises the user.

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VELA Salsa 110

VELA Salsa 110 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat with raised lip at the front, so the user avoids the feeling of sliding down the seat when it is tilted forward.

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VELA Samba 100

VELA Samba 100 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat with tilt, which supports and stabilises the user during standing work

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VELA Tango 500El

VELA Tango 500El is the latest development within customised chairs with electric height adjustment, which, in addition to the customised chair's other, well-known benefits, has a revolutionary, two-part ALB backrest

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VELA Tango El Sit-stand

The VELA Tango El Sit-stand Chair is a customised chair for users who require support and safety while standing and, at the same time, need electric height-adjustment, e.g. due to reduced strength in their legs.

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