VELA Salsa 400

VELA Salsa 400 has a saddle seat which ensures an ergonomic sitting posture. The design of the seat allows for the natural curve of the back, providing an open, active hip angle.

VELA Salsa 400 is particularly good for:

  • People who want a saddle seat and, at the same time, the security of being able to use the brake

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Saddle seat - small

The saddle seat in size small (W:39xD:30 cm) is smaller than our standard size saddle seat. The design of the seat allows for an open hip angle and an upright sitting posture, although to a lesser degree than the standard saddle seat. The seat is recommended for slim or short people.  

Standard saddle seat

Standard saddle seat (W:43xD:35 cm). The design of the seat allows for an open hip angle and an upright sitting posture which promotes a natural curve in the back.



Ergo Backrest

The Ergo backrest (W:38xH:22 cm) is an ergonomic curved backrest, which provides good lumbar support. The backrest is low, which allows the user free movement of the back, shoulders and arms for various activities.



Ergon armrest - 8x26cm

Ergon armrest (W:8xL:26 cm) and armrest bar (31 cm). A standard armrest bar with short, rounded, narrow pad.


Ergon armrest - 8x26cm - extra long

Extra long armrest bar (41 cm long). Beneficial for tall people. The armrest bar allows for the armrests to be used as support, e.g. when getting into or out of the chair.



T-brake grip

The T-brake lever extends the brake lever, making it easier for people with disabilities, e.g. in the shoulders, to reach the brake.



Brake pedal

The brake pedal can be used instead of a brake lever or together with a brake lever. The brake pedal is located on the back of the chair and is foot-operated. The pedal is an advantage if a standing person has to brake the chair without unnecessary bending or compromising postures.

Phoenix (Fabric)

Phoenix is a quality fabric from Camira in 100% Polyester. Abrasion 100,000 Martindale. It has a very good abrasion resistance and it is breathable and very comfortably.

The following colours are standard colours. However, we can provide all the colours that you see on the supplier's website. There may be an extra charge and longer delivery by selecting an other upholstery than standard.

Clean with a clean, damp cloth, possibly added with a ph neutral soap.


Black - 671

Black - 671

Cobalt Blue - 672

Cobalt Blue - 672

Dark Grey - 675

Dark Grey - 675

Light Grey - 673

Light Grey - 673

Red - 674

Red - 674

We have our own upholstery, and therefore offers a lot of other types of fabric, which you can view here. There may be an extra charge and longer delivery by selecting a fabric other than standard.


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