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A healthy and strong back can, for some, seem incompatible with a long working day involving sedentary work. However, even if you work in an office and sit for most of the day, you can still strengthen your back and prevent back pain.

One way to strengthen your back while sitting is to use a stool as a secondary chair in addition to an office chair. Stools make it possible to sit in an ergonomic position with an open hip angle, which supports the user in a healthy and varied sitting position during the course of a long working day. You can also select a stool with a dynamic seat, which increases activity in the muscles around the back, lower back and abdomen. This helps to strengthen muscles and joints in the back, lower back and abdomen and to use your balance while sitting.

VELA recommends using stools as an extra chair in the workplace and at home to vary your sitting position throughout the day – in office environments several people can easily take turns to use a stool.

Finding the right chair

VELA has several different models of stool, which ensure a good work posture at the same time as strengthening the lower back, back and abdomen. Choosing a stool with a saddle seat (VELA Samba 400) or a dynamic seat (VELA Samba 410) ensures good ergonomics with an upright, active sitting position. The design of these seats promotes a natural curve in the back and an open, active hip angle. The dynamic seat on the VELA Samba 410 further strengthens the muscles and joints around the back, lower back and abdomen.

It is important that the stool is set at the correct height, since this creates the basis for a healthy, active sitting position.

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Sit well back in your seat and adjust the height so that your thighs are pointing forward/down at an angle. If the stool is too low, your thighs will be horizontal and your back and lower back may collapse. If the stool is set too high, you may slide forward in the seat.

If you want a stool with a saddle seat (VELA Samba 400), you can choose between two seat sizes. The choice of seat size will depend on the user’s pelvis and hips. The larger seat allows the user to achieve a sitting posture with more widely spread legs; the narrower saddle seat gives the user a sitting posture with their legs closer together.

We recommend the following chairs for exercise and maintaining a healthy back:

VELA Salsa 400

VELA Salsa 400 has a saddle seat which ensures an ergonomic sitting posture. The design of the seat allows for the natural curve of the back, providing an open, active hip angle.

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VELA Samba 400

The VELA Samba 400 with saddle seat provides good ergonomics. The design of the seat promotes a natural curve in the back and an open, active hip angle

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VELA Samba 410

The VELA Samba 410 activates the lumbar region and back thanks to the dynamic seat, and trains the back, lower back and abdomen

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VELA Samba 500

VELA Samba 500 is an extra well-cushioned, classic stool, providing excellent sitting comfort

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