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According to the Danish Health Authority, back pain and its consequences pose the greatest health problem among the Danish population. Approximately 30 per cent will experience back pain in any fortnightly period. Back, lumbar region and neck pain can be signs of serious conditions which can be investigated and treated, but in up to 80-90 per cent of cases, it is not possible to make a diagnosis.

Most cases of back pain are transient and will ease off and disappear by themselves. Research shows that you recover best and fastest if you maintain your activity level and continue with daily life as far as possible. 

Inappropriate and stressful work postures or sitting for a long time in the workplace or the home are often the cause of fatigue and pain in the neck, back and lower back. Putting excessive stress on the neck, bank and lower back can fortunately be avoided with a good, ergonomic work environment. For example, a suitable working technique and workplace setup, as well as the use of adjustable tables and chairs, can ensure a healthy work environment.

Finding the right chair

VELA has many years of experience of finding just the right chair to prevent and ease back, neck and lower back pain. VELA has several models of customised chairs, sit-stand chairs and stools which are well suited to the workplace or home and can help create an ergonomic environment.

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For example, customised chairs can be adjusted and adapted to achieve a supportive, active sitting position. Sit-stand chairs make it possible to switch between sitting and standing and contribute to variation in a long working day. You can encourage an upright sitting position by using stools with or without a backrest or with an active seat, which can train the back and lower back while you are sitting down. Stools can also function as a secondary chair and therefore be an alternative to e.g. an office or customised chair, and therefore promote variation throughout the day.

We recommend the following chairs to relieve back, neck and lower back pain:

VELA Latin 100

The VELA Latin 100 is an ergonomic, padded office chair with low backrest, which provides good lumbar support and free movement of the back, shoulders and arms

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VELA Latin 200

The VELA Latin 200 is an ergonomically upholstered office chair with a larger seat and a higher backrest with extra lumbar support compared to the VELA Latin 100 model.

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VELA Salsa 400

VELA Salsa 400 has a saddle seat which ensures an ergonomic sitting posture. The design of the seat allows for the natural curve of the back, providing an open, active hip angle.

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VELA Samba 400

The VELA Samba 400 with saddle seat provides good ergonomics. The design of the seat promotes a natural curve in the back and an open, active hip angle

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VELA Samba 410

The VELA Samba 410 activates the lumbar region and back thanks to the dynamic seat, and trains the back, lower back and abdomen

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VELA Tango 500

The VELA Tango 500 is the latest development in customised chairs. In addition to the customised chair's other, well-known benefits, it has a revolutionary, two-part ALB backrest

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VELA Tango 500El

VELA Tango 500El is the latest development within customised chairs with electric height adjustment, which, in addition to the customised chair's other, well-known benefits, has a revolutionary, two-part ALB backrest

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