There can be many unsuitable work postures for carers or relatives of people with disabilities. Carers often work at low heights, very close to the person they are helping. Here it may help to use a small stool that is easy to move around.

For tasks at a low height, such as putting on and removing socks or providing foot care, it is important for the carer to achieve a stable work posture without putting the back under unnecessary stress by twisting or working in a stooped position. 

At mealtimes and when ensuring dental hygiene, it is important for the carer to be close to the person they are helping, partly to ease the back, shoulders and neck and partly to achieve good contact and communication with the person they are helping.

Finding the right chair

VELA has a large range of stools, so carers and relatives can achieve good work postures and therefore reduce the risk of discomfort, for example in the back, neck and shoulders. When a carer or relative is looking for the ideal stool, it is important to think about the height at which they will be working.

If for example the tasks involve helping with socks and shoes, the stool needs to be low. For mealtimes with a person in a wheelchair, a slightly higher stool is required. All stools from VELA are height-adjustable using the gas spring at intervals from 36 cm up to 86 cm.

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It is important to think about the design of the seat in relation to the situation. If the carer has back problems, it can be advantageous to have some back support for relief.

When considering a choice of chair, the type of wheels must be taken into account. Will a stool will need a brake, should the wheels be smooth-running, for instance when the carer has to move between several people at mealtimes?

We recommend the following chairs if you are carer / relative of a person with disabilities:

VELA Latin 100

The VELA Latin 100 is an ergonomic, padded office chair with low backrest, which provides good lumbar support and free movement of the back, shoulders and arms

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VELA Samba 400

The VELA Samba 400 with saddle seat provides good ergonomics. The design of the seat promotes a natural curve in the back and an open, active hip angle

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VELA Samba 500

VELA Samba 500 is an extra well-cushioned, classic stool, providing excellent sitting comfort

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VELA Samba 530

The VELA Samba 530 is designed with podiatric care in mind. The seat can be tilted and has a work area at the front

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