24/7 in an electric wheelchair

An electric wheelchair can provide great freedom and independence for users who, due to disability, are reliant on other people’s help. Using an electric wheelchair can help the user achieve mobility at home, in an institution or in the city. An electric wheelchair can help people with severe disabilities to continue socialising in the workplace, at home or at social events.

Many electric wheelchair users have to sit in their chair for most of the day. An electric wheelchair from VELA gives you the possibility to combine good ergonomics with amazing driveability. All our electric wheelchairs are designed with a focus on a good ergonomic sitting posture and a good work environment for the carer.

The best solution for each user's situation is very personal, which is why VELA has a very extensive accessories catalogue and carries out a large number of customisations.

Finding the right chair

Since the beginning of the 1980s, VELA has been producing electric wheelchairs and giving advice on finding just the right chair.  Our consultants have many years of experience of giving advice on which chair is most suitable for a specific user and the environments in which they will use the chair.

When choosing an electric wheelchair it is essential to consider whether the electric wheelchair will be used inside or outside, and how the user can best manoeuvre the chair.

½24/7 in an electric wheelchair wide

In relation to achieving the best possible sitting position in an electric wheelchair, there are many types of accessories and customisations that can support and relieve people with disabilities.

VELA has a wide range of accessories such as seats, backs and leg rests which makes it possible to ensure the user has a comfortable sitting position – both during activity and rest. Electric wheelchairs from VELA can be adapted to users with special needs. This can be done, for example, with advanced control and environmental control.

We recommend the following power wheelchairs:

VELA Blues 210

The VELA Blues 210 is suitable for users with an active lifestyle, e.g. work, school or training course. The chair has mid-wheel drive and is well suited to combined indoor and outdoor use, with suspension that provides comfort and good driveability in uneven terrain.

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VELA Blues 300

The VELA Blues 300 supports an active and independent lifestyle, in which accessibility is key. Many everyday activities and challenges are made easier, since the seat can rotate and be locked at 90° and 180°, e.g. when working in narrow kitchens

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