Restricted Growth / Dwarfism

Restricted Growth, commonly known as Dwarfism is a condition affecting around 650,000 people worldwide. That is around 1 in every 25,000 births. The condition is characterised by individuals being shorter than average in stature. Individuals can also show physical conditions such as bowed legs and / or curved spine (kyphotic and scoliotic).

Restricted Growth is normally defined into two groups:

  • Disproportionate short stature (DSS) is characterised by particularly short arms and legs.
  • Proportionate short stature (PSS) is an overall lack of growth and development in body, arms and legs.

There are over 400 conditions that cause Restricted Growth, with over 200 categories and Achondroplasia being the most common.

Although some Restricted Growth individuals suffer health problems, many experience a normal healthy life with the only signs being short stature. For many individuals daily living is the biggest obstacle to overcome with everyday tasks such as sitting at a dining table, daily chores, reaching high up shelves, and inclusion within a school or work environment.

If the Restricted Growth individual has a slight functional impairment, such as accessibility, fatigue or participation, a customised chair can facilitate everyday activities:

        • Greater safety and peace of mind: Individuals with restricted growth can climb into the chair, using the footrest when the chair's central brake is activated. This also ensures that the chair remains stationary when the child stands up and sits down. The armrests also provide safety and peace of mind, as the child can use them to lower him- or herself calmly into the chair. It also makes the child will feel securely encompassed when undertaking activities and when using the electric height adjustment.
  • Easier operation: For a child with restricted growth, the electric height adjustment makes it possible to adjust the height when sitting in the chair, and thereby participate in activities despite of e.g. table height without needing help from others. Electric adjustment of the seat height and operation of the central brake are simple, and improving the working environment for the child's helpers.
  • Improved sitting posture: The child can adopt a comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting posture, which minimises stress on his or her joints. The seat and back can be replaced and adjusted as the child grows and his or her needs change. In addition, if the child have difficulty maintaining an upright position, different supports can promote a good, stable sitting posture.
  • More comfort and support: The child can benefit from a choice of extra padding on the seat, backrest and armrests with softer foam, or through various options for seat cushions adapted to the child's size and needs, if necessary.
  • Less pain: Ease of operation and ergonomic adjustment of the chair can reduce the risk of pain – electric height adjustment in particular spare the child of unnecessary shocks and bumps and makes getting into and out of the chair easier.

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We recommend the following chairs for people with restricted growth:

VELA Tango 100

VELA Tango 100 is a customised chair with low backrest, which provides good lumbar support and free movement of the back, shoulders and arms

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VELA Tango 100ES

The VELA Tango 100ES is a children’s chair with electric height adjustment – perfect for children and young people with special needs. The electric height adjustment helps the child to get into and out of the chair and makes it possible to vary the seat height for different activities.

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VELA Tango 100S

The VELA Tango 100S is a safe chair for children and young people with special needs. The chair is perfect for use in school and at home since the central brake provides stability during activity and when the child has to get into and out of the chair.

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