Make your everyday life easier with Parkinson’s aids

Parkinson’s disease is associated with disabilities, involuntary movements and problems balancing. Therefore, it can be helpful to have aids that make it easier to perform self-help and practical tasks in everyday life.

Cooking without burning yourself on the saucepan using a VELA chair with a brake

Chair for Parkinson’s

A chair from VELA is an optimal Parkinson aid, as it alleviates many of the challenges associated with a diagnosis such as Parkinson’s. Our chairs for Parkinson’s focus on ergonomics and usability for people who need help in everyday life.

As a Parkinson’s patient, you can get a VELA Chair that is precisely right for you.

VELA chairs for Parkinson’s help with: 

optimised stability

extra security

comfort and safety

safe transfers

increased mobility

Parkinson’s disease mainly manifests itself through involuntary movements and problems balancing, which can be very inconvenient in many everyday situations – e.g. cooking, cleaning and eating.

Therefore, a chair is an excellent aid for Parkinson’s, as it optimises stability and safety and promotes self-help and the ability to move around while sitting down. 

A safe Parkinson chair at mealtime

Tremors in the body can be particularly frustrating at mealtimes, and you can benefit from using a VELA chair with the necessary support at times when you eat. 

People who develop dementia due to Parkinson’s can have a lot of trouble eating –  partly because they may have difficulty understanding what is happening due to dementia and partly because of their involuntary movements. 

With a VELA mobility chair with wheels, a Parkinson’s patient with dementia can be easily transported to the table. The central brake creates a stable seat that also envelops the user with armrests and a good backrest. 

The chair is also available with a push bar that helps staff or care workers place the chair in the correct position or transport the user from room to room. 

A central brake offers stability

Do you have problems with your balance or reduced muscle strength in your legs due to your illness? Then the chair’s central brake will be a great help for you. Our chairs can easily be locked in place using a handbrake, so you can always sit safely and stably. The brake is also necessary when you need to move from the chair to a bed, etc. 

In addition, the central brake ensures that your Parkinson’s chair does not roll away from under you if you have involuntary movements or when you get up or sit down.

Apply the brake and move from chair to bed or vice versa. You can also use the armrest for extra support. The chair has an electric lift, so you can make sure the seat is at the same height as, e.g. the bed you need to move to or from.

The electric lift chair is also a great help when you need to get up or sit down safely. The chair helps you stand up gently, so you do not have to use as much strength.

Aids for Parkinson’s patients can therefore provide help to self-help in several daily challenges. 

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Assisted living

Create calm with a Parkinson’s chair

With a diagnosis like Parkinson’s, it can be crucial for the user to have a chair that provides support in just the right places. 

With our Parkinson’s chairs, you can choose from several different seats and backrests that have different types of foam and support. For example, we have a back cushion with built-in side supports to provide extra support in the sitting position. 

In addition, armrests can be perfect for support but also for enveloping the user. Finally, boundaries create stability, calm and comfort for people with involuntary tremors and, in particular, people with dementia.

Your needs may change

Parkinson’s disease develops over time, and things you do not need now may become necessary later. Therefore, it is possible to mount accessories on the chair later to meet new needs to ensure self-help despite Parkinson’s. 

What our customers say

More than 200.000 happy customers


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”Have had mine for 22 years. And today it was renewed with a new seat upholstery and new wheels. It’s a super chair”


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”I am the happy owner of a VELA chair – it helps me every day”


”I have a VELA chair with electric height that allows me to get up standing by myself – I look forward every day to being able to be social”


”I also have a VELA chair and am very happy with it. When I got it several years ago, we could again get something else than fast food. It’s the model where I can adjust the seat up high. It’s worth all the money.”


”I also have a good VELA chair that can be changed in height up and down. That way I can do a lot of things”


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”I love my chair – with it I can do almost anything”


”I’m so lucky to have one. It is indispensable.”

Inge Lise

”I got a VELA chair 40 years ago, and still have it. The VELA chair is super”


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