VELA chair for people with hemiplegia

There can be many reasons why a person has hemiplegic paralysis – it can be congenital, but it can also come from a stroke. Whatever the cause, a VELA chair for hemiplegia can help.

Cooking dinner together - family time with a VELA chair

Aid and rehabilitation for people with hemiplegia: What does it involve?

VELA makes aids for people with disabilities. We have many years of expertise in making chairs as aids, good ergonomics and a great insight into the problems that various disabilities can cause. 

A VELA chair is an aid that makes everyday life more manageable for people with hemiplegia.

Paralysis makes daily tasks more difficult. VELA chairs help with:

increased mobility

moving independently

a good and well-supported sitting position

These three factors help you train yourself to manage as much as possible, even without the help of others.

Hemiparesis rehabilitation: Safe and independent transfer with a chair for hemiparesis

Hemiplegia makes it challenging to move from one place to another, but a VELA mobility assist chair makes it possible for most people. In addition, you can activate the brakes on a VELA chair with one movement, which creates instant safety and stability when moving from one place to another. 

When it comes to the brake function, you choose between manual or electric activation, depending on your needs and how the paralysis has affected you. 

It is safe and straightforward to transfer between a VELA chair and another piece of furniture. First, you place the chair next to where you want to move and activate the brake. Next, level the chairs seat height to fit the piece of furniture.

Now you can transfer from one to the other. If you fold the armrest down, it is also possible to use a sliding board to make the process even easier. The transfer will be both secure and independent.

Why are armrests beneficial in cases of paralysis?

With hemiplegia, it is beneficial to have a chair with armrests. For example, you can use the armrest to support the healthy side of the body when you get up.

You can use the armrest on the paralysed side to restrict your body and also as helpful support. We have several unique armrests with a cushion, edge or channel, which can help the paralysed arm stay in the desired position. Armrests can therefore be good aids for paralysis.

Maintain a good sitting position

When you have hemiplegia, your body needs to be supported optimally. A high backrest and possibly body support can do a lot for your sitting position. If you need a headrest to secure your sitting position, this is also possible. Optimal support reduces the risk of exhaustion during the day. 

The high back is also available with built-in side supports that add additional support and stability when you sit in the chair. We always make your situation our point of departure when making your aid.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Assisted living

Personal stories – living with hemiplegia

Charlotte’s story

It’s easy to walk the chair between the kitchen and the dining table, and my VELA chair doesn’t take up as much space as the wheelchair.
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Where do you need the chair?

Impaired function in one leg

If you have impaired function in one leg or one foot, you can use a footrest or leg rest to support the paralysed side. You can place your leg on the support so that it is not in the way when you move around in the chair, for example.

Impaired function in one arm

If your arm is affected by paralysis, you can get large and angled handles to adjust the chair’s functions and apply the brakes. 

The handles mean you can operate the chair yourself and exercise your paralysed side. Exercise is always important, despite reduced muscle strength.

A chair for hemiplegia helps you to help yourself

Our hemiplegia aids give you a greater degree of independence. It is essential to manage as much as possible by yourself, and we want to contribute to that. 

What our customers say

More than 200.000 happy customers


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”Have had mine for 22 years. And today it was renewed with a new seat upholstery and new wheels. It’s a super chair”


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”I have a VELA chair with electric height that allows me to get up standing by myself – I look forward every day to being able to be social”


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”I also have a good VELA chair that can be changed in height up and down. That way I can do a lot of things”


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”I love my chair – with it I can do almost anything”


”I’m so lucky to have one. It is indispensable.”

Inge Lise

”I got a VELA chair 40 years ago, and still have it. The VELA chair is super”


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