CRPS or fibromyalgia? Living with disability

CRPS have a considerable impact on what you can do in everyday life because they can be associated with pain, fatigue and reduced strength and energy. Chronic back pain and aches in both muscles and joints are not uncommon for people with a disability due to fibromyalgia and CRPS.

VELA Office chair with a brake and an electric seat lift for activity at home

Living with chronic illness

Fortunately, some aids can make getting through the day much more manageable. A VELA chair will help you on the good days, especially in situations where your body fails. 

A VELA tango chair cannot remove the disability, but it can relieve the body from CRPS or fibromyalgia. It can minimise pain, breathing difficulties, palpitations, decreased concentration and headaches that often occur or are exacerbated by the constant pressure to which your body is exposed.

A hallmark of chronic illness is that there are good and bad days, and the disability can suddenly overwhelm you and drain all of your energy. 

VELA chairs’ design supports you in your everyday life and compensates for your lack of energy when you feel completely drained. Therefore, our chairs can be adjusted to your needs and have the following functions that can help you in everyday life.

Our VELA chairs can:

Be raised and lowered, so you can easily change your seat height or get help to stand up or sit down.

Be configured for optimal back and lumbar support for your various activities.

Be braked so that you can sit stably and safely going the task you want to perform.

Be “walked” around while you are sitting down, thanks to the smooth-running wheels.

Save your energy

As daily life can be associated with a lot of pain, CRPS often means getting tired quickly. Therefore, it can be difficult for you to do basic things, as they may require a level of strength and energy that you simply do not have. 

Our office chairs for disabled adults can offer relief and save you a lot of energy. At the same time, it provides a good level of comfort because both the seat and backrest support you in a good and active sitting position. In addition, the chair has a raising/lowering function, so you do not have to use your energy to get up into a standing position. 

Instead, you can save your strength for things that improve your quality of life.

Become more mobile with a VELA chair

VELA chairs have four smooth-running wheels that allow you to walk the chair around at home or work – while you are seated. 

In that way, you can save your energy on the bad days, and it means you may be able to do without or minimise your need for outside help. 

Use the chair in the kitchen while you cook, or move around your home effortlessly. The chair does not require much space for you to get around while sitting down, and you can also move from room to room while seated.

Where do you need the chair?

Apply the brakes when you stand up and sit down

If you are sitting in the chair and want to do something, you can easily lock the chair’s wheels via a central brake. That way, you can be sure that the chair will not move while doing other things. 

The central brake also provides stability and safety when you move to and from the chair. Use the mobility chair’s brake and transfer to or from it safely. The brake is also fantastic when you need to stand up and sit down. Brake the chair and use the electric height adjustment to raise the seat until you can stand yourself.

The right aids can be worth their weight in gold for those with a disability due to CRPS or fibromyalgia. 

A raising/lowering function is therefore helpful for people with a disability due to fibromyalgia

An electric lift function can help people with CRPS and a disability due to fibromyalgia. Electric height adjustment avoids unnecessary bumps when you change your seat height – and this reduces the risk of feeling pain and discomfort. 

In addition, the electric raising/lowering function can help you in many different situations. For example, raise your seat height so you can reach a cup in the top cupboard, or lower your seat height to put plates in the dishwasher. 

An electric lift for raising/lowering can have a considerable impact on your sense of independence, which makes a big difference in your quality of life.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Assisted living

What our customers say

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Inge Lise

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