Living with COPD at home: Get a chair as an aid for lung disease

Lung disease can have a significant impact on your daily life. For example, difficulty breathing can lead to exhaustion and a lack of energy. An aid can therefore be a welcome opportunity to get some of that energy back.

Living with COPD - making dinner on your own

It is important to be active with COPD

At VELA, we make chairs that help people with different degrees and levels of disability.

If you’re living with COPD at home, a chair can be a good aid, as it can relieve a body that tires more quickly. At the same time, it helps you to maintain a posture that allows as much room to breathe as possible.

There is no doubt that the human body was created to move. However, lung disease leads to breathing and oxygen uptake problems, which often means that it can be difficult, and for many completely impossible, to exercise and stay active. However, some movement is much better than none. 

Movement provides mental energy and a stronger body. In addition, it makes it easier for you to get through the day, despite your lung problems.

When you live with COPD, you are balancing on a knife’s edge. You need to be as active as possible, but also be careful not to overexert yourself. You could therefore benefit from aids for lung disease – e.g. a VELA chair.

A VELA chair for COPD

A mobility chair with wheels for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease from VELA helps you save energy when performing necessary everyday tasks. This means that you can have energy left for the activities that are important to you. If you want to increase your level of activity with COPD, a VELA chair is a good choice as it has:

stable and supportive armrests.

a comfortable backrest with good support.

an electric raising/lowering function.

A chair for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Armrests are a godsend

Our aid for lung disease has adjustable armrests. That is a huge benefit for users who have difficulty breathing. After sitting down for a while, your muscles will start to relax, making the body slump a bit, leaving less room for the lungs.

This is not a problem for people with normal lung function, but it is a problem for those who suffer from COPD. The armrests allow you to pull yourself up when you feel you are slouching. 

When you use your arms to support yourself and straighten your back, you can use the respiratory muscles around the shoulders, chest and neck again. Good working conditions for these muscles mean good working conditions for your lungs– and this is all thanks to the armrest. 

Therefore, adjustable armrests are an excellent aid for people with COPD and other lung diseases. You can also tilt the armrests away if you need to move from the chair to a bed, sofa, etc.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Assisted living

Back support provides suitable conditions for the lungs

A chair for lung diseases must give the lungs optimal conditions and support them in doing their job as well as possible. 

Therefore, an office chair with brake and electric lift from VELA with a high backrest can be very beneficial. For example, leaning back and letting your back support your position can help make breathing easier. 

In addition, you can adjust the backrest to your needs. In that way, you can adjust the backrest to give relief and support your preferred sitting position at any given time.

A chair can make a big difference when dealing with COPD

Difficulty breathing can cause considerable discomfort in everyday life for most people, e.g. COPD. Therefore, it can be very beneficial to use a chair to conserve energy while cooking in the kitchen, such as avoiding feeling short of breath unnecessarily. 

The chair relieves your body while you cook. Cooking can contribute to an increased quality of life for people living with disability and reduced energy.

An electric seat lift is a good match for people with difficulty breathing

The lungs cannot do their job optimally if a disease afflicts them. Therefore, aids such as a VELA chair are a great help.

A chair from VELA with an electric seat lift can also help you to stand up if you are low on strength. 

An electric lift chair can also be beneficial if you often experience dizziness when bending down. 

For example, you can lower a VELA chair when you need to empty the dishwasher. You, therefore, sit safely and securely in a more upright position than if you were to bend forward – and this is a critical necessity when dealing with reduced lung function.

Where do you need the chair?

What our customers say

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Inge Lise

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