A bariatric chair with several advantages

The causes of a bariatric condition (severe obesity) can be numerous, and unfortunately, so can the challenges. That is why at VELA, we have bariatric and heavy-duty chairs that meet some of the challenges faced by bariatric patients. 

Our bariatric chairs help you to help yourself and increase mobility – at home or the office.

Heavyweight - person living with obesity

Challenges faced by bariatric patients

One of the most common challenges bariatric patients face is the strain the condition puts on the body. This can result in increased difficulty with normal activities, as well as discomfort and pain in muscles and joints. Pain can also make it challenging to move around (immobility). 

That is why bariatric aids such as bariatric office chairs can be a real help, especially when it comes to being more active and moving more. Immobility can actually aggravate pain in the body.

A bariatric chair can make a big difference

A bariatric chair with lift can help you move from a chair, sofa or bed and into a stable chair that allows for activity. 

This means it is easier to be active, as you can move around while sitting on your wheeled VELA chair. This can take the pressure off your body, leaving you with energy for other activities. 

Bariatric chairs relieve the body

When you are severely obese, your body is subjected to daily overload. That is why it can be a relief to have a chair that can take the pressure off your legs, knees and hips while you are doing something. Being constantly plagued by muscle and joint pain can be exhausting. 

Bariatric chairs allow you to push/walk around while seated. This means you can be more self-reliant in everyday situations that used to be straining.  

You will also have more energy for a greater number of activities, as you will not spend as much energy on each one – for example, activities such as cooking, cleaning and getting dressed. A regular bariatric office chair cannot do this.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Assisted living

Improved breathing with a bariatric chair

People who are severely obese typically have an increased load on the diaphragm, which can make it difficult to breathe properly. 

If joints and muscles are aching simultaneously, it can also be exhausting to concentrate on good posture with room to breathe. 

A bariatric chair from VELA provides support for a stable and upright sitting position, supporting the diaphragm and allowing open airways. This allows the blood to transport oxygen from the lungs more efficiently. This essentially means you will not tire as quickly.

Good conditions for comfort

As mentioned previously, there are different causes of bariatric conditions, and of course, there are differences in body types and in the distribution of muscle and fat. Therefore, a bariatric chair can be adjusted to fit the individual, providing optimal support. 

In addition, our bariatric chairs have a brake and sturdy armrests, both of which offer safety and stability when you need to get up or sit down. It provides both comfort and a sense of autonomy and support.

Bariatric lift chair with electric seat lift – a help in everyday life 

Our bariatric chair has an electric lift, which can help when you need to get up or sit down. The seat height can be easily adjusted to suit different activities, and the function is easy to operate. The height can be adjusted while you are seated, thus saving you a lot of effort during the day.

A sturdy bariatric chair

VELA chairs come in durable, breathable and comfortable fabric. You can also choose different types of leatherette that are easier to clean. 

In addition, the chairs are made to withstand constant use under heavy loads for many years, making them very durable and long-lasting. 

What our customers say

More than 200.000 happy customers


”My mother did all kitchen work from such a VELA chair for several years”


”My husband got such a chair from VELA – it is super!”


”I also have one and it’s just amazing – thank you VELA”


”Have had mine for 22 years. And today it was renewed with a new seat upholstery and new wheels. It’s a super chair”


”I have a VELA chair, and have had it for many years. It’s the best there is. I can do almost anything from the chair: washing the floor, ironing clothes, cooking and many other things.”


”I’m so happy for your chair”


”My son also uses VELA chairs due to CP. He has several of them”


”I’m so lucky to have one. It is indispensable.”


”I have one myself and I am very happy with it – I can not live without it.”


”My mother has benefited so much from VELA chairs.”


”An amazing chair, my wife has one and it helps her a lot in daily life”


”I have a slightly older version and it is worth its weight in gold – it makes my everyday life better.”


”I can only say that my mother who has arthritis loves her work chair from VELA”


”I have one and it really helps me in the kitchen on the days where I can not stand up and cook.”


”I am the happy owner of a VELA chair – it helps me every day”


”I have a VELA chair with electric height that allows me to get up standing by myself – I look forward every day to being able to be social”


”I also have a VELA chair and am very happy with it. When I got it several years ago, we could again get something else than fast food. It’s the model where I can adjust the seat up high. It’s worth all the money.”


”I also have a good VELA chair that can be changed in height up and down. That way I can do a lot of things”


”I love my chair and do not want to do without it at all ❤️”


”Now I can do the dishes and cook in the kitchen. It really is a wonderful chair. I absolutely love it.”


”I love my chair – with it I can do almost anything”


”I’m so lucky to have one. It is indispensable.”

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”I got a VELA chair 40 years ago, and still have it. The VELA chair is super”


”I also have such a chair and I become more and more fond of it. I wish I had one more.”


”My daughter loves her vela chair. She has one at home and one at school.”


”I’m super happy with my VELA chair. My everyday life has definitely gotten easier with this amazing chair.”


”Got my first VELA chair over 9 years ago and it is still in use to this day. Super product.”


”Our girl is the lucky owner of such a chair”

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