Leg amputation means all or part of the person’s leg has been removed. Amputation may be carried out on the lower leg, below the knee, at the thigh bone or right up at the hip.

People who have undergone a leg amputation may experience problems managing everyday activities in the home or workplace. Many people experience difficulty getting up and sitting down and can suffer from poor balance, difficulty walking and trouble standing up for long periods – with or without a prosthesis.

Many people who have had a leg amputation also experience varying degrees of pain.

VELA has a wide selection of customised chairs, sit-stand chairs and electric wheelchairs, which can ease everyday life for people who have undergone a leg amputation, allowing them to be as self-reliant as possible.

Where there is a slight functional impairment, such as reduced balance or difficulty walking, a customised chair or sit-stand chair can make everyday activities significantly easier:

  • Increased mobility: It is easy to 'walk' the chair forward, and thereby move around without assistance: there is plenty of room for the feet between the large, smooth-running wheels.

  • Greater safety: Users who for example have poor standing balance benefit from extra safety and peace of mind when the chair's central brake is activated. This ensures that the chair remains completely stationary when the user stands up or sits down, for example. The armrests offer extra safety and peace of mind; they help the user to lower him- or herself slowly and safely onto the chair.
  • Improved sitting posture: The user adopts a comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting posture, since seat and backrest can be adjusted according to their needs. The customised chair is also available with an arthrodesis seat: this is a split seat with a two-part seat surface where the panels can be individually adjusted. This seat allows for an open hip angle and separately adjustable support for each upper leg.
  • More comfort and support: Extra padding or softer foam on the seat and backrest can be provided, as can various seat cushions and special pressure-relief seat cushions that increase comfort and ease any pain. Furthermore, an adjustable amputation support can be installed for extra support, pain relief and better balance.
  • Safer transfer: Simple operation and adjustment of the chair, for example electric height adjustment, can ease the difficulty of getting into and out of the chair. Sideways transfer can also be performed safely by lowering the armrests.

In the case of severe functional impairment as a result of a leg amputation, an electric wheelchair with adjustment options can make everyday activities easier:

  • Improved safety: The user can move around independently, both indoors and outdoors. VELA electric wheelchairs are also available with advanced control and specially adapted drivability as well as 'environment' control, where a user has special requirements..
  • Greater safety: Users who have poor standing balance, for example, benefit from extra safety and peace of mind with an electric wheelchair that is adapted to their specific needs. The electric wheelchair's drivability can be programmed so the user feels confident and can enjoy moving around at home and in the workplace, in shops and out in the street.
  • Improved sitting posture: Users benefit from a comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting posture, since seat and backrest are adjustable to their needs. The sitting posture can be set manually or electrically, depending on the user's level of functional impairment and their needs.
  • More comfort and support: VELA has a large and varied selection of seat cushions and backrests. It is also possible to order extra padding for seat, backrest and armrests, or for example to request a softer foam. Special pressure-relief seat cushions can promote comfort and ease any pain. An adjustable amputation support can also be installed on the chair for support and better balance.
  • Less pain: Easy operation and use of the wheelchair's electric functions such as seat tilt can help the user adopt a variety of sitting postures over the course of a long day. This alters the distribution of pressure around the user's body in order to reduce the risk of pain and pressure sores and afford the user a high degree of comfort with long-term use.

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We recommend the following chairs for people with leg amputation:

VELA Blues 100

The VELA Blues 100 is an advantage in the home, at school and in the workplace, as it is compact and very manoeuvrable. The VELA Blues 100 allows the user to work at a desk, participate in kitchen activities and get around easily inside.

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VELA Salsa 110

VELA Salsa 110 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat with raised lip at the front, so the user avoids the feeling of sliding down the seat when it is tilted forward.

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VELA Tango 100 with arthrodesis seat

VELA Tango 100 with arthrodesis seat is a customised chair with two-part, adjustable seat surface, which is designed for people with amputated legs or stiff hip joints.

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VELA Tango 200

VELA Tango 200 is a customised chair with a larger seat and a higher backrest with extra lumbar support compared to the VELA Tango 100 model.

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VELA Tango El Sit-stand

The VELA Tango El Sit-stand Chair is a customised chair for users who require support and safety while standing and, at the same time, need electric height-adjustment, e.g. due to reduced strength in their legs.

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