VELA Samba Stools assist the user in addressing various tasks in the home or at work. They make it possible to sit in a good, ergonomic position with an open hip angle, whereby the user adopts a healthy work posture – this can also encourage the user to vary their sitting position in the course of a long working day.

Benefits of VELA Samba Stools

  • VELA Samba Stools are useful as an extra chair – at home or at work

  • They are useful for tasks such as assisting children, older people and disabled people at work or at home

  • VELA Samba provides a sitting position where the back and lower back are activated, the hip angle is open and you achieve a healthy, ergonomic work posture

  • Change between a chair and a stool, ensure a varied sitting position

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found in 5 variants

VELA Samba 400

The VELA Samba 400 with saddle seat provides good ergonomics. The design of the seat promotes a natural curve in the back and an open, active hip angle

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VELA Samba 410

The VELA Samba 410 activates the lumbar region and back thanks to the dynamic seat, and trains the back, lower back and abdomen

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VELA Samba 500

VELA Samba 500 is an extra well-cushioned, classic stool, providing excellent sitting comfort

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VELA Samba 520

The VELA Samba 520 is a classic, round stool with an adjustable ergonomic backrest, which provides good support for the lumbar region and back

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VELA Samba 530

The VELA Samba 530 is designed with podiatric care in mind. The seat can be tilted and has a work area at the front

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The VELA Samba Stool use

VELA Samba Stools support varying work at home or on the job. The stools makes it possible to sit both high and low, while the user is supported in a healthy working position, which is a means for varying sitting posture over a long working day.

VELA Samba 400-530 is a series of compact stools with smooth-running wheels that fit in your home or office.

The stools are easy to move around and can easily be hidden away, e.g. under tables. A VELA Samba stool allows for extra low seat height, down to 36 cm, so it is possible to help children, e.g. getting dressed. High seat height allows work at high workstations and tables.

A stool is also good in addition to an office chair - this ensures a varied sitting posture during the day.

Training and activity

VELA Samba 400 with tilt provides an open hip angle and a slight distance between the feet. The user obtains an active sitting position and an upright posture. This provides optimal conditions for an ergonomic and healthy posture. VELA Samba 410 activates the muscles of the back and loins as the seat is based on a Pilates ball. The user obtains the stability and secure seating surface from a stool but can also train the abdomen, back and lower back.

Accessories and special solutions

All VELA work chairs can be ordered with a large selection of accessories and special solutions for the chair to be adapted to the needs of individual users. VELA offers individual solutions within padding, support and handles.
The user is supported in a healthy working posture, which is a means to vary the posture during a long working day.

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