VELA Sit-stand Chairs with brake

VELA Salsa is a range of sit-stand chairs with brakes. This range promotes the user’s independence in a variety of activities by creating a safe, high workplace. VELA Salsa sit-stand chairs provide good ergonomics and are perfect for providing relief in a varied working day with both standing and sedentary work, in the workplace or at home.

Advantages of VELA Salsa sit-stand chairs

  • VELA Salsa is for people who require support and stability especially for tasks that require standing, e.g. in the case of back problems, arthritis, walking difficulties etc.

  • Supports an ergonomic position for tasks in the home or workplace

  • The brake provides extra safety while working and when the user is getting into or out of the chair

  • Option to “walk” the chair forward in a low position

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Vela Salsa found in 6 variants

VELA Salsa 100

VELA Salsa 100 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat with tilt, which supports and stabilises the user.

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VELA Salsa 110

VELA Salsa 110 is a sit-stand chair with a shallow seat with raised lip at the front, so the user avoids the feeling of sliding down the seat when it is tilted forward.

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VELA Salsa 120

VELA Salsa 120 is a sit-stand chair with an ergonomic, curved seat with V-shaped front edge, which ensures the user has support and plenty of space for their thighs.

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VELA Salsa 130

VELA Salsa 130 has an ergonomic, curved seat with V-shaped front edge, which ensures the user's feet are placed apart and therefore affords an active, stable and upright sitting posture.

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VELA Salsa 400

VELA Salsa 400 has a saddle seat which ensures an ergonomic sitting posture. The design of the seat allows for the natural curve of the back, providing an open, active hip angle.

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VELA Tango El Sit-stand

The VELA Tango El Sit-stand Chair is a customised chair for users who require support and safety while standing and, at the same time, need electric height-adjustment, e.g. due to reduced strength in their legs.

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