Electric wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs from VELA have been developed for active wheelchair users who spend many hours in an electric wheelchair. VELA Offers the full range of electric wheelchairs, from electric wheelchairs to fit standard door width, over compact electric wheelchairs with a minimum turning radius to electric wheelchairs with great manoeuvrability on e.g. grass, gravel, cobbles, and hilly terrain.
Electric wheelchairs from VELA can be adapted to varying needs, ranging from part-time need to full-time use. Many of our electric wheelchairs can be used for rest and relief - an advantage throughout a long day. Electrical appliances, such as respirator and similar can also be connected to electric wheelchairs from VELA

Benefits with a VELA Electric Wheelchairs

  • Electric wheelchairs from VELA has good handling and very manoeuvrable on different surfaces

  • Getting in and out can be done easier if tilt and height adjustment is adapted to the individual user - depending on whether there is a need for assistance with transfers or whether the user can get up and sit down without help

  • All electric wheelchairs from VELA can be adapted to children and adults

  • Possibility of additional equipment and connecting devices, such as respirator and similar equipment

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found in 3 variants

VELA Blues 100

The VELA Blues 100 is an advantage in the home, at school and in the workplace, as it is compact and very manoeuvrable. The VELA Blues 100 allows the user to work at a desk, participate in kitchen activities and get around easily inside.

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VELA Blues 210

The VELA Blues 210 is suitable for users with an active lifestyle, e.g. work, school or training course. The chair has mid-wheel drive and is well suited to combined indoor and outdoor use, with suspension that provides comfort and good driveability in uneven terrain.

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VELA Blues 300

The VELA Blues 300 supports an active and independent lifestyle, in which accessibility is key. Many everyday activities and challenges are made easier, since the seat can rotate and be locked at 90° and 180°, e.g. when working in narrow kitchens

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The VELA Electric wheelchair use

Electric wheelchairs from VELA cover the entire spectrum of electric wheelchairs for daily and combined use, regardless of the user's disability and activity needs. Electric wheelchairs from VELA are particularly suitable to an active everyday life, as VELA focuses on a good ergonomic, active sitting and independent living for people with disabilities.

With electric wheelchairs from VELA you will find both electric wheelchairs for inside use, combined indoor and outdoor use and off-road models. All electric wheelchairs from VELA available in versions that are approved for transportation and more can also be used as a driver seat in vehicles. VELA offers electric adjustment of almost all adjustable parts on our electric wheelchairs. Electric wheelchairs from VELA are, in short, customised to the user's needs.

Electric wheelchairs from VELA are used for a wide range of activities. Some of these are as transportation to shopping and activities, as work chair in the office, at home and in education, as driver seat in the car and not least, electric wheelchairs from VELA are used in many different disability sports. - shared by all electric wheelchairs is that they are chosen to suit individual needs, and optimally compensate for the challenges users face in their daily lives.

VELA focuses on ergonomics and sitting comfort - and has done it since the first chair was sold after the company's founding in 1935. In the spirit of ergonomics, VELA develops seat systems, with main focus on sitting comfort, ergonomics and functionality to support the maximum activity and independency in daily life for the user.

Accessories and special solutions

VELA has developed a special backrest system for electric wheelchairs. The system has a lumbar support that can be set independent of the backrest, and can thereby provide optimal lumbar support at different activities, but also be turned passive for rest and relief. This gives the user full control over sitting posture as both the back and lumbar support can be set via a switch box in the joystick.

The complete range of electrical chairs from VELA can be ordered with a wide selection of accessories and special solutions for the chair to be adapted to the individual user’s needs. VELA offers individual solutions in terms of padding, comfort, pressure relief, support, control and electrical adjustment.

Electric wheelchairs promotes a good work environment

Height adjustment of the seat improves the working position of helpers, e.g. if the user needing assistance at mealtimes or when putting outerwear on. With height adjustment the user can position in level with a bed or chair, for example for transfer.


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