Mobility chairs are aids with wheels that improve everyday life

At VELA, we make mobility chairs with wheels for people with all types of disabilities.

Mobility aids can be many different things. Still, in particular, a VELA mobility chair helps the user be more mobile and live a better life respective of their individual needs.

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An aid to help assist with better mobility in many ways

Our chairs improve mobility as they have large wheels and a safety brake, and they can assist you in many different challenges.

A mobility chair from VELA has a wide range of functions that you can use to make your daily life easier, despite having a disability.

Why you may need a mobility aid at home

No one is guaranteed to live a whole life without needing a mobility chair to manage fundamental tasks in the home. However, when people are affected by an illness or accident, a chair that helps you be mobile can become an essential or a handy tool in many different ways.

When we lose a degree of our bodily function, we spend more energy on simple everyday chores. And these can soon become impossible tasks.

With a mobility chair from VELA, you get an aid that makes you the master of your own life again – an experience that makes you independent again and gives you a zest for life.

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A mobility aid for disabled

VELA mobility chairs can compensate for various disabilities and can help you cope with those small everyday tasks in your life. Different disabilities affect people differently, however one thing many have in common:

Disabilities can cause fatigue, where it becomes essential to conserve energy by sitting down instead of standing, such as when you need to cook, do the laundry or perform light cleaning.

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A mobility device that doesn’t look like an aid

A VELA chair offers great mobility aid in the form of an office chair. You can choose between a variety of backrests and seats to make the chair fit your body and needs the best. With the right configuration, an aid for mobility can for example relieve and prevent back pain.

If e.g. your back problems demand that you sit with a specific type of support for your lower or upper back, we have different kinds of backrests, all of which can be adjusted during the day to give you the proper support for an ergonomic sitting posture.

Experience independent mobility with an independence aid that highly resembles an ordinary office chair – except the brake. The brake will become your best friend when using your mobility chair with wheels: when standing up, sitting down, or when working at a tabletop. Use the brake to provide yourself with a stable base that supports you in case you lose balance.

Mobility chairs: Become more self-reliant

If you struggle to be mobile in your own home, an aid for mobility can help you become more self-reliant. Moving around at home can be difficult, and you may not manage cooking or cleaning anymore. Furthermore, it can be challenging, e.g. moving to and from the bed or sofa by yourself.

A mobility aid with wheels from VELA can give you back some of your energy because it can support you and help you around when you need it.

Get mobility chairs with large, smooth-running wheels that easily manoeuvre over tiles in the kitchen. Lower the chair’s seat height so that your legs touch the ground, and you can walk the chair to the desired location. Good chairs allow you to do more things by yourself again.

A chair for getting dressed

When you lose mobility due to a disability, getting dressed can suddenly become a daunting task. You may even need others to help you.

A VELA mobility assist chair allows you to regain your independent mobility via wheels, brakes, and electric height adjustment.

Raise the chair seat, reach the top shelves in your wardrobe, lower the chair, regain control, and be supported when you put on your trousers. The independent mobility device allows you to get your clothes in your closet and put them on yourself is the support of your mobility assist chair in the process – and that gives you your independence back.

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Help is available for people with difficulties walking and the elderly

As the body ages, it can result in decreased walking function. There may be many reasons why you have reduced leg strength.

Whatever the reason, the proper mobility chair for disabled people can help you get around effortlessly at home or work. As mobility chairs from VELA have smooth-running wheels with plenty of space for your feet, you can additionally “walk” or push the chair around.

Because the wheels are big enough, you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck between clinkers or tile. Instead, get around your own home – without help from others.

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What our customers say

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”My mother did all kitchen work from such a VELA chair for several years”


”My husband got such a chair from VELA – it is super!”


”I also have one and it’s just amazing – thank you VELA”


”Have had mine for 22 years. And today it was renewed with a new seat upholstery and new wheels. It’s a super chair”


”I have a VELA chair, and have had it for many years. It’s the best there is. I can do almost anything from the chair: washing the floor, ironing clothes, cooking and many other things.”


”I’m so happy for your chair”


”My son also uses VELA chairs due to CP. He has several of them”


”I’m so lucky to have one. It is indispensable.”


”I have one myself and I am very happy with it – I can not live without it.”


”My mother has benefited so much from VELA chairs.”


”An amazing chair, my wife has one and it helps her a lot in daily life”


”I have a slightly older version and it is worth its weight in gold – it makes my everyday life better.”


”I can only say that my mother who has arthritis loves her work chair from VELA”


”I have one and it really helps me in the kitchen on the days where I can not stand up and cook.”


”I am the happy owner of a VELA chair – it helps me every day”


”I have a VELA chair with electric height that allows me to get up standing by myself – I look forward every day to being able to be social”


”I also have a VELA chair and am very happy with it. When I got it several years ago, we could again get something else than fast food. It’s the model where I can adjust the seat up high. It’s worth all the money.”


”I also have a good VELA chair that can be changed in height up and down. That way I can do a lot of things”


”I love my chair and do not want to do without it at all ❤️”


”Now I can do the dishes and cook in the kitchen. It really is a wonderful chair. I absolutely love it.”


”I love my chair – with it I can do almost anything”


”I’m so lucky to have one. It is indispensable.”

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”I got a VELA chair 40 years ago, and still have it. The VELA chair is super”


”I also have such a chair and I become more and more fond of it. I wish I had one more.”


”My daughter loves her vela chair. She has one at home and one at school.”


”I’m super happy with my VELA chair. My everyday life has definitely gotten easier with this amazing chair.”


”Got my first VELA chair over 9 years ago and it is still in use to this day. Super product.”


”Our girl is the lucky owner of such a chair”

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