Electric or manual height adjustment?

The primary functions of the VELA chairs are wheels (mobility), ergonomic chair with armrest (comfort and stability), brake (safety) and height adjustment (activity). You get the most out of your VELA chair when you change your sitting height accordingly to your activities. The height adjustment can either be activated by using electricity or by using a gas spring.

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We recommend a chair with electrical height adjustment for people who suffer from balance problems, who experience difficulties independently mobilising themselves from a sitting position to a standing position (or vice versa). In addition, the electrical height adjustment lessens the inconvenient knocks and bumps that may occur when attempting manual height adjustment, which may be painful and uncomfortable for some people. 

Chairs with electrical height adjustment can elevate even higher than a chair using gas since one is not dependent on one’s feet and legs.

You can adjust the chair’s seat high up and tilt the seat forwards so that the people may mobilise themselves independently by letting themselves slide out of the chair into a standing position while using minimal force.

With the electrical height adjustment, the people may safely and securely (and without force) adjust the working height for the specific activity at hand and increase their reach significantly.


We recommend manual height adjustment using gas for people who suffer from reduced leg power and balance problems but can mobilise themselves independently from a seated position to a standing position (and vice versa), e.g., supporting themselves using the armrest. 

The height adjustment enables people to adjust the working height for the specific activity at hand, which increase their range, flexibility and independence when executing the activity.

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