Living with MS - Patrick's Story

”No more leaning against the table and have to quickly grab onto something so I don’t fall.”

Patrick case

User: Patrick
Age: 64 years old, living with MS for 25 years
Diagnosis: Advanced multiple sclerosis

About me and why I need a VELA chair

I am medically retired. This has led to a few very irritating problems. I cannot walk unaided and I’m liable to fall over because my balance is atrocious. I cannot stand up and talk to someone for more than a couple of minutes. If your walking or balance is not challenged, then it is very difficult to comprehend these problems. a sudden I have no more energy. Or I am down in the laundry room ironing and folding clothes and my energy level drops out of the blue, which means I am basically leaning against the table and have to quickly grab onto something so I don’t fall.

Biggest challenges

I enjoy cooking meals for the family but there are a couple of small problems caused by the MS. Cooking means you must stand on your feet and be able to get things out of cupboards at all sorts of heights. This all became too difficult when I fell over too often so I had to quit the kitchen. The Wife had yet another job. I bought a simple Saddleback stool that is on five casters and it swivels. Another really useful feature is that you can change the height of the seat very easily. Fantastic if you have good core muscles and two functioning legs.

Discovering the chair

Then I became aware of the VELA Salsa sit-stand chair and I can compare it with my simple Saddleback stool. It’s a bit like comparing top end luxury as opposed to good and functional.

Why oh why?

So what puts the VELA chair in a different league? Firstly it is incredibly stable. Then the handbrake to lock the wheels so it cannot move around is a big plus. Other big advantages include the large rubber wheels. Our kitchen is tiled and the casters of the Saddleback stool can get stuck in the grouting between the tiles on the floor. No such problem with the VELA chair.

I also liked

It is comforting to know the armrests are there. The armrests prevent me from accidentally tipping off the stool. There are other nice ‘to-have’ features such as an adjustable backrest and a facility to adjust the tilt of the seat. And, last but not least, it does not look like a cheap functional item designed for a physically disabled person.

Height adjustment is crucial

The height adjustment is excellent. You can have a conversation with nearly anyone and your eyes are level with theirs. It is also possible the lower the seat far enough to sit at a traditional dining table and eat a meal.

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