Living with MS - Maria's Story

”A VELA chair gives me the support and comfort I need to enjoy cooking and other activities in the home.”

Maria MS Case 3

User: Maria
Age: 44
Disease: Multiple Sclerosis

Maria is a very active woman. She lives with her family in her own house and was working until recently.
Maria is on sick leave as she has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

At home, Maria tries to live as “normally” as possible. She strives to maintain her family life, doing tasks around the house and being active with her children and partner. But her strength is not what it used to be, and her energy level can suddenly drop in the middle of the activity. In short, she needs help to manage her energy optimally throughout the day.

”I can be cooking dinner in the kitchen and then all of a sudden I have no more energy. Or I am down in the laundry room ironing and folding clothes and my energy level drops out of the blue, which means I am basically leaning against the table and have to quickly grab onto something so I don’t fall.”

Her greatest wish is to be able to do everyday things and have the energy to be with her family.
Unfortunately, she uses an enormous amount of energy, which affects all the other things she wants to do.

The referring therapist contacted one of VELA’s sales representatives and they met for an assessment.
Together they mapped out what activities take up most of Maria’s energy and they came up with this solution: a work chair for the laundry room and a sit-stand chair for the kitchen. 

VELA Salsa 120 sit-stand chair for the kitchen:
The sit-stand chair gives Maria the support and comfort she needs. The chair has a central brake, armrests and a specially designed seat that keeps her securely on the chair when she is sitting or standing. This way Maria can safely manage daily activities, especially making dinner in the kitchen.

”These two chairs are the first aids we have used in our home. I have realised the aids are necessary for me to have days almost the same as before, but it took some time getting used to the thought.”

VELA Tango 100 work chair for the laundry room: 
The chair has a central brake and can be lowered enough for Maria to remove clothes from the washing machine and dryer.
The chair can also be raised high enough for her to iron and fold clothes in a comfortable position.

”I find that the armrest on the chair gives me the comfort and confidence to do the laundry again, because sometimes when I am tired, I lose my balance and start leaning towards one side.”

Maria is now able to make dinner herself and be independent in carrying out everyday chores. She is happy she has control over her daily life again.
Sometimes it takes two VELA chairs to take care of your needs and wishes.

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