Testimonial from an Occupational Therapist

VELA Seating in one sense is Occupational Therapy on wheels. The seats can be configured in endless combinations to satisfy every requirement.

As Occupational Therapists our role is to enable and promote independence and of course every person with achondroplasia we support is individual.

Unlike many seats on wheels, a VELA seat allows a person to use the seat completely independently. The braking system can be operated by the user whilst seated. The High - low controls are positioned to enable independent access in daily life.

Children and young people with achondroplasia have benefited from VELA seats in more ways than one. They are able to participate in everyday activities within the classroom, the dining hall and Science labs independently.
The seat is discreet and because of its technology has a degree of kudos which can appeal to young people.

As a Paediatric Occupational Therapist I have always thought of VELA Seating as the ‘go to’ seat to take a child through their entire Education from Reception to College.

VELA Seating ensures people with restricted growth are not restricted in life.

Ann Cunliffe, Occupational Therapist

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