Assisted living with a chair for adults with physical disabilities

There’s no place like home. Many people would agree with this saying, as most of us associate time spent at home with security and tranquillity. However, some things can suddenly change that perception. For example, a disability may mean that there are activities in the home that are no longer associated with either tranquillity or security.

Safe cooking without burning yourself on the saucepan by using a VELA chair with a brake

Disability chairs for home: Become more independent in your own home

There may be things you can no longer do that used to be routine tasks – like cooking or light cleaning. At VELA, we make assisted living aids for adults with physical disabilities so that your home can feel safe again. 

VELA’s chairs are aids that help the user cope with more daily chores entirely without help. We make chairs based on the individual’s needs, and therefore offer chairs that you can adjust to your requirements and daily challenges.

Around the house with a

VELA chair


Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Assisted living at home – a chair can help you

Disability chairs for the home can help you regain your independence at home, no matter what disability you have. The need for aid comes in many different forms and degrees – for example, you may experience problems with:

A VELA aid for the home is a chair that can compensate for lost abilities and help you to maintain your independence at home. 

Get a height-adjustable chair from VELA

Many people with disabilities need support to reach the top shelf to get a glass or when the dishwasher needs to be filled close to the floor.

Electric height adjustment helps you handle tasks at home on your own – even if you lack strength in your legs or have problems with balance. 

The height setting also helps you with moving, personal care, cooking and hobbies. 

Furthermore, the height adjustment is helpful when you move from a sitting to a standing position. Use the central brake, raise the seat height, and gently step onto the floor.

Mobility, comfort and support: Greater independence at home

The VELA chair has four smooth-running wheels, with plenty of space for the legs between them. This means you can “walk” or push the mobility chair around while sitting down. 

If you have reduced strength in your legs, meaning that you tire easily and need a break, the chair is an indispensable aid in the home. It helps you get from A to B without having to get up – and risk falling. 

Our chairs are made to provide optimal comfort and support for those who use them.

Aids for the home can boost independence

A disability has not only a physical impact but also a significant impact on your mental well-being. You suddenly have to deal with the fact that your body does not always do what you want it to. You also have to consider that you may become dependent on help from others. 

This can dent your sense of self-worth, and we want to help alleviate that. That is why we make disability chairs for adults for the home that help you perform daily tasks yourself and make them more manageable. 

As soon as you sit in a VELA chair, you will find that you are not as dependent on help from others – and that boosts self-confidence. Time spent at home should always be filled with peace and quiet. 

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What our customers say

More than 200.000 happy customers


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”Have had mine for 22 years. And today it was renewed with a new seat upholstery and new wheels. It’s a super chair”


”I have a VELA chair, and have had it for many years. It’s the best there is. I can do almost anything from the chair: washing the floor, ironing clothes, cooking and many other things.”


”I’m so happy for your chair”


”My son also uses VELA chairs due to CP. He has several of them”


”I’m so lucky to have one. It is indispensable.”


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”An amazing chair, my wife has one and it helps her a lot in daily life”


”I have a slightly older version and it is worth its weight in gold – it makes my everyday life better.”


”I can only say that my mother who has arthritis loves her work chair from VELA”


”I have one and it really helps me in the kitchen on the days where I can not stand up and cook.”


”I am the happy owner of a VELA chair – it helps me every day”


”I have a VELA chair with electric height that allows me to get up standing by myself – I look forward every day to being able to be social”


”I also have a VELA chair and am very happy with it. When I got it several years ago, we could again get something else than fast food. It’s the model where I can adjust the seat up high. It’s worth all the money.”


”I also have a good VELA chair that can be changed in height up and down. That way I can do a lot of things”


”I love my chair and do not want to do without it at all ❤️”


”Now I can do the dishes and cook in the kitchen. It really is a wonderful chair. I absolutely love it.”


”I love my chair – with it I can do almost anything”


”I’m so lucky to have one. It is indispensable.”

Inge Lise

”I got a VELA chair 40 years ago, and still have it. The VELA chair is super”


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”Got my first VELA chair over 9 years ago and it is still in use to this day. Super product.”


”Our girl is the lucky owner of such a chair”

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