A chair for fall prevention for the elderly has many benefits

The older you get, the more likely you are to experience a fall. Of course, falling is always unfortunate, but it can have more serious consequences when old age sets in than when you were still young.

Safety at home despite a disability - cook your own food by sitting in a VELA chair with a brake

Why is it essential to prevent falls in the elderly?

Preventing falls for the elderly is essential as dizziness, balance problems, and weakened muscle strength are some of the most common causes of falls in this age group. A VELA chair is fall prevention for the elderly.

When an elderly person falls, it can result in fractured bones – e.g. hip or thigh fractures. Unfortunately, this often has serious consequences:

  • Long hospital stays
  • Rehabilitation processes
  • Surgery and reoperation
  • Need for aids during hospitalisation and at home
  • Major changes needed in the layout of the home
  • Need for care – e.g. home care in everyday life

Unfortunately, it is also often the case that the consequences of a fall can lead to poorer mobility and result in another fall. Moreover, the fear of falling again can also leave its mark, and you might try to avoid specific situations and various activities because you want to prevent the next fall.

This can significantly lower the quality of life for the elderly, and, among other things, this is what good fall prevention should counteract.

You can adjust the chair’s height yourself

Preventing falls for the elderly with a chair requires that the chair has a brake and an electric lift. A VELA chair with an electric lift offers the user an aid that also helps them stand up. 

Apply the brake using the hand brake. Next, raise the seat by pressing the button, gently stepping onto the floor, and regaining your balance while supported by the chair.

You can perform many different daily chores while seated in the chair. For example, lower the chair and reach the lower shelves in a cupboard, or raise the chair so you can reach your clothes up in the wardrobe. The chair must always be braked so that you can carry out your activities safely and securely. 

The chair’s electric lift ensures that the change in seat height occurs gently so that you avoid becoming dizzy or losing your balance. This creates a sense of security.

Walk the chair around and stay mobile

Our mobility chairs for the elderly have four smooth-running wheels. This means you can lower the chair’s height and use your legs to “walk” or push the chair around while seated.

With a VELA fall prevention chair, you can perform most of your daily activities while seated. That way, you can avoid the fear of falling. In addition, you become more mobile because the smooth-running wheels allow you to move around and take care of yourself. 

If you need to move from chair to sofa, simply walk the chair to the sofa, apply the brake, fold the armrest down and let yourself slide onto the sofa. You can also use the armrest to support yourself while moving over to the sofa. 

A fall prevention chair offers safety and security to handle many things yourself without asking others for help.

A fall prevention chair for the elderly

Preventing falls for the elderly can have significant physical and psychological consequences, which is why an office chair with a brake and an electric lift from VELA can be a good aid. It provides a feeling of safety and stability, both physically and mentally, so that the fear of falling can be forgotten for a while. 

Many falls happen in the home. Either in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. With a fall prevention chair, you can easily and safely move from room to room while sitting down.

Check how a VELA chair can help you at home

Assisted living

Security, stability and better quality of life

There are many benefits of preventing falls among the elderly. This means fewer accidents, fewer hospitalisations and fewer after-effects. Therefore, we would, of course, recommend that you get a VELA chair before an accident happens. Use it when you are tired to prevent yourself from falling. 

A fall prevention chair for the elderly offers security when your strength fails. At the same time, the chair creates a stable foundation to continue your usual activities, which will help you to maintain a good quality of life, even though you may be afraid of falling.

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Inge Lise

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